‘Tess on Twitter: From USA Today to Cold Stone Creamery

It’s 2014 and with social media, professional athletes’ off-the-field lives are more accessible than ever. Don’t believe us? Check out the ever-popular “Minoring in Twitter” segments from MiLB.com’s PROSPECTivs Blog that give you a look at the best tweets the minor leagues have to offer. Brevard County has its own cast of entertaining characters that show their more personal sides on Twitter, so we thought we’d share.

Presenting: ‘Tees on Twitter

Tommy Toledo may have moved on to Double-A, but how could we NOT lead with this?



Apparently RHP Scott Lieser moonlights as a fictional TV quarterback…



But, nothing could make Scott more anxious than this…



Oh, so THIS is how you celebrate a walk-off win?


I suppose this works, too


And THIS is how you make pro ballplayers feel inadequate


Like our new ‘Tees on Twitter segment? Have some more tweets you think we missed? Drop us a comment or tweet at us @BCManateesRadio.

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