‘Tees First Half Highlights – TBT 6/19

Do you have a favorite moment from the first half of the 2014 Brevard County Manatees season? If you’re having trouble deciding, we understand. It was quite the eventful first half: The ‘Tees turned a triple play, Tyrone Taylor hit for the cycle, Victor Roache hit three home runs in one game and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So yeah, a lot happened, and before you go racking your brain to pick a favorite highlight, we thought we would give you a refresher course. Here are all of our favorite Manatees moments from the first half:


Taylor Hits for the Cycle


‘Tees Turn a Triple Play


Roache Blasts 3 HR’s


Magnifico Deals a 2-Hit Complete Game Shutout


Taylor Tallies 4 Hits and 4 RBI


1st Annual Jackie Robinson Celebration Game


Well, those are our favorites, but can you think of some more? If we left out one of your top moments from the first half, let us know on Twitter @BCManateesRadio or on Facebook at Facebook.com/ManateesRadioNetwork.


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